Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reception Concerns

For our wedding, we are booking the J.Thompson Baker House which is a beautiful old victorian house in Wildwood, NJ. I think it is absolutely beautiful but we are the first ones to ever rent it for a wedding, apparently, even though they have advertised for it at the Bridal Show in Wildwood. So I find myself with the unfortunate circumstance of being their trial and error person. The person I have been commuticating with doesn't seem to know much and can't make decisions without discussing everything I say to the whole Civic Club. She is a nice lady but I don't think she understands how urgent this is for me. I need to plan everything right now and until she gets back to me with more information I am at a stalemate. I need numbers....numbers of the sizes of the tables, number of tables, and overall how much I got to work with so I can start buying the necessary stuff before it becomes a rush job. I want to pay her and get it done and over with as well. I guess you could say I am a planner and like things taken care of early. I'm just rambling...lol.


  1. Have you met with her in person? If so, go in and bring a tape measure with you and say you need numbers and sizes right now so she needs to hop to!

  2. I have met with this lady on several occasions and demanded to get numbers a few weeks ago. I just don't like talking to this woman. She gives me the feeling that she thinks we are going to destroy the old house and leave it in disarray.