Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall 2010 Preview

I am doing a complete revamp of the etsy shop. All new pictures will be posted along with new gorgeous pieces I have been working on. I am attempting to include more Made to Order designs in my shop while still keeping with the Ready to Ship OOAK vintage accent pieces as well. I will post the announcement when the site will be ready for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Hearts<3<3<3

Jacqueline II

If you've seen Bliss Magazine then you seen the white feather flower fascinator style Jacqueline which of course quickly sold at Tesi Bridal Boutique. Here's Jacqueline II with a different but similar vintage accent piece made from a repurposed earring. The matching earring has already sold very quickly so this too will be a one of a kind piece.

You can find Jacqueline II on my etsy shop page at

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wedding Recovery

Finally Married!!!
Yay, that stress is over.
Now, to recount the last month and a week. On Oct.19th, I was rushed to the hospital with stomach pains that had lasted for 3 days. Turns out I got appendicitus so I had to have emergency surgery just 5 days before walking down the long aisle into the rest of my life. I was unable to follow the doctors orders of rest, no straining, and no lifting until the 10 staples could be removed in 2 weeks. So I had to take one for the team as a determined bride and just took my pain pills just to get through those 2 weeks. 1 week to prepare for the wedding and the next was our honeymoon.
I was pulled aside in the airport and thoroughly searched due to my 10 staples. Thanks terrorist for making our lives ridiculous.
Many things went out the window the day of the wedding and you pretty much can't count on what people say they will do even if you are paying my advice is be ready to just go on without whatever you need to and not worry about it as hard as it may be.
In the end, we had a great day and a great honeymoon and lots of memories we will laugh about in our old age.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Website is Now Live

Great news!!! The website is now live. Check out

And more news....DonnaElla now has a facebook fanpage.

Getting Back on Track

After the Bridal Shower last week I found myself getting back on track for the wedding. I think I needed that little push to get psyched about it again.

I absolutely loved what I got at the shower. My mom got us new towels...yay!!! Plus I got lots of gift cards which was fun shopping for what I needed, which needless to say I went on a shopping spree the very next day.

The good thing about the gift cards is I was able to buy my wedding invitations with the gift cards I got from Walmart. How great is that! Plus Walmart's clearanced section had dove invitations for $6 for a pack of 20...yay again.