Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Etsy-static Emotion

What is The Esty-static Emotion? It is that feeling you get when you see people checking out your items, marking your items as favorites, posting them in their very special treasuries, and talking about you on blogs. What a feeling! I look forward to every night at midnight checking to see how many people looked at my items today. I was recently added to a treasury and my item was a feature of a blog on Yes, I actually shed a tear of enjoyment. What a great feeling to make something that people look for, that people recommend, and that people will one day wear and be so happy to receive. Handmade items are wonderful that way. The Etsy-static movement is bringing people so much happiness. Yes, they are making money but more importantly the person purchasing it is connecting with the creator on a whole other level. You purchase something and await for it in the mail with great anticipation. The person you buy it off of becomes happy from someone liking their creation. The buyer receives it and wears or uses the item probably and knows where the energy came from...not just from some warehouse of mass produced items. Some items can be customed made just for you. How wonderful you feel....Etsy-static!

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