Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finished the Birdcage

I just finished painting the birdcage for my wedding. It's really funny how I acquired such a thing. If you have read my blogs then you will see I went to a penny party some time ago and not only did I win the George Forman Grill but also this birdcage. When I got the birdcage though it was not painted in desirable colors for a wedding. It was pasteled all over from green to yellow to pink and blue. It looked like an easter egg. Well here it is now in white and purple, which are the colors of the wedding of course. Plus I added a glitter paint overtop the purple to give it a starlight effect. I have some faux doves to put in the center when I find a dow the right size for it. The theme of the wedding is doves which stems from one of our first dates.

When we had first got together we were taking a walk outside my house and two doves came by and perched on the edge of the swimming pool right next to us and then we had our first kiss. It was kind of a sign for us and it actually has continued that way throughout our relationship to the point where when I found out I was pregnant we saw to doves with a baby dove. I know that sounds really weird but hey that's my life, lol. Actually, we are going to get matching dove tattoos as well. I can't wait.